Arctic Fox


Arctic Fox 29-5E

Make: Arctic Fox

Model: 29-5E

Year: 2004

Manufacturer: Northwood Mfg.

Length: 30

GVW: 13000


Additional Batteries


Catastrophe fuse 

Accumulator Tank

Rear Carrier


Solar Controller

Catalytic Heater

Cabinet door supports

Freezer Monitor

Kitchen Faucet

Sat Dish Connection

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Our First Home on Wheels (cont.)

Since we do use the onboard water supply all the time, that means the pump runs quite a bit.  Ours is located under the bedroom next to the fresh water tank, and therefore is very noisy when we are in bed.  To help control the noise and amount of pumping, we installed a small residential accumulator tank.  It holds about a gallon of water under 40 pounds of pressure so we get about three toilet flushes before the pump runs.  That keeps things very quiet when someone need to use the facilities during the night. 

Cathy and I have owned several RVs, and we know the couch provided by the factory is not very comfortable.  Yes, I know that it makes out into an extra bed and all, but face it, an RV is built for two people only.  Besides, the dinette transforms into a bed should you need extra sleeping space.  Anyway, we removed the couch and replaced it with a built in storage compartment and two wonderful leather recliners. 

The Arctic Fox 29-5E is touted as a 4 season coach, and it is indeed better than many we have owned.  It holds both heat and cold when needed, but once again, in our effort to extend battery life, we installed a Wave Catalytic Heater from US Catalytic.  It’s mounted to the wall and is connected to an outside LP tank with a quick connector.  The wonderful thing about these heaters is they use no electricity, make no noise, and put off no fumes.  You must have a window open to supply it with enough oxygen, but these heaters are worth the expense.

There are many other things we have done to make our rig homey.  We will post many of them in our blog pages, so visit there often.  Photos of many of the modifications I have mentioned may be seen by clicking on the Modification links to the left. 

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