Plan b


Arctic Fox 29-5E

Make: Arctic Fox

Model: 29-5E

Year: 2004

Manufacturer: Northwood Mfg.

Length: 30

GVW: 13000


Additional Batteries


Catastrophe fuse 

Accumulator Tank

Rear Carrier


Solar Controller

Catalytic Heater

Cabinet door supports

Freezer Monitor

Kitchen Faucet

TV Shelf

Sat Dish Connection

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Our First Home on Wheels

Plan B is what we call our 5th wheel.  When we were working full time in Atlanta, Georgia, and owned a house and all the stuff that goes with it, we always had a Plan B in mind.  We owned a campsite in a resort in the north Georgia mountains and a small camper.  We figured if the stuff ever really hit the fan at work, we could always sell out in Atlanta and haul the rig to north Georgia.  In fact, after we left Atlanta to live and work in the Florida Keys, that campsite remained our Plan B for years. 

Anyway, while we were living in the Florida Keys, we were evacuated several times due to hurricanes.  As it turned out, the rig made the perfect vehicle for evacuation.  Just hook up and haul butt.  So the rig became our Plan B.

As you can see, it is a rear kitchen model and we love it.  Yes, extra thought has to be given to how things are stored,  but the additional counter space is very welcome. 

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